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Games And Dress Up Games For Kids

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-06-02
It doesn't take much to keep kids entertained. Simple games and variations on normal dress up are the perfect way to spice up their play. These games will never grow old, and you'll find your children playing them again and again. Mock Wedding This dress up game is perfect for a large group of kids. Have one girl be the bride, and one boy be the groom. Include a ring bearer, flower girls and bridesmaids among the procession. Encourage some kids to be photographers, waiters and waitresses, or musicians. If you don't have dress-up materials appropriate for the occasion, make some. For example, wrap a roll of toilet paper around the bride as a dress and attach it to a headband for a veil, cover tissue boxes with black paper for cameras, use items from a kitchen set for food, and cut out tiny pieces of construction paper as flower petals. Then conduct the wedding. All in the Family Some kids love playing 'Mommy' and 'Daddy.' Others prefer being the baby or the family dog. Whatever the children's preferences, they can be anyone they want in this game of 'All in the Family.' Help them to dress up as the family member, wearing Mommy's apron, Daddy's tie, the baby's pacifier or the dog's leash. Have them act out a scene that often occurs in the house, or imagine a scenario that is out of the ordinary. Community Helpers Have children dress up like their adored community helpers, such as firefighters, police officers, mail carriers, doctors or construction workers. If you don't have the appropriate materials, encourage kids to make their own. A long white T-shirt works perfectly for a doctor's coat, and a brown paper bag with holes for eyes can make the perfect fire helmet for a kid with a bit of imagination. Watch as the firefighters put out the fire, the police catch a thief, the mail carriers deliver (their own, handwritten) letters, the doctors do surgery on a favorite doll, and the construction workers build a block tower. Ha Ha This hysterical game will have the kids rolling on the floor laughing -- literally. Have one kid lie on the ground, and have a second kid lie with her head on the first kid's stomach. Continue this process until you have a chain of kids lying perpendicular to one another. Have the first kid say 'ha.' Her stomach will bounce, which will make the second kid's head bounce. Then have the second kid say 'ha.' Continue the 'ha' down the chain of kids, warning the kids not to laugh if it's not their turn. If a kid laughs, he needs to get out of the chain, and the kids need to rearrange themselves. The last kid left wins.
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