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Friends Forever: Helping Your Child Form Meaningful

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-06-17
Woodrow Wilson once said, 'Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together.' And indeed, friends are an important part of life. This holds true for all ages, even for your little one. Having, few or no friends can deeply affect your child's self-esteem and how they view their social skills. So much emphasis has been placed on popularity that oftentimes, a child may feel like a failure if she has only a few friends. However, it is important not to confuse quantity with quality. If your child only has a couple of friends with whom she happily shares her hair accessories collection, for example, this does not quite make her a social outcast! Young children do not yet have the set of skills that will enable them to enjoy multiple meaningful friendships later. In the mean time, stop worrying and try to respect the level of sociability that your child chooses. However, you can help your child to make friends more easily. Here are some tips: Another important part of a child's life is play. When your child spends time playing with friends, she slowly learns important life lessons. Sometimes play can get chaotic. But try not to step in and organize it all. Allowing her and her friends to go through this process will help them develop the ability to reason, to judge what's appropriate, and to reach a consensus. These skills are significant for children's development as social human beings. Peers are important. Some of life's most important behaviors are shaped through your child's interaction with her friends. Helping her to develop social skills will be one of the best 'growing up' projects you can engage in.
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