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Flower Hair Clips and Other Flower Accessories

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-07-11
Flower hair clips are a great accessory. They can add just the right touch to an outfit. There are different styles available that will compliment any attire, whether formal or casual. There are innumerable different materials that can be used to create flower hair clips. Just a few of the things that could be used to make them are silk flowers, beads, ribbon, and fabrics such as tulle, chiffon, and felt. These materials are manipulated to create the shape of a flower and are then attached to a clip for the hair. Silk flower hair clips are the simplest to make yourself. Simply remove the stem from the flower using wire cutters. Then flatten the petals, and using a hot glue gun, attach the flower to a hair clip. A silk flower hair clip may be embellished with rhinestones, crystals, or sequins to create a more glamorous look. Beaded flowers are made with wire and any style, color, or shape bead that is desired. The beads are strung on wire and the wire is bent to create whatever shape petal is wanted. Twenty-four to twenty-six gauge wires are all great choices for creating these flowers. A cluster of small bead or on large distinctive bead is added at the end to create the center of the flower, and the wire is securely wrapped to ensure that the flower will not fall apart. Making felt flowers takes a little more work, but with a bit of time, it can be done. The materials needed are a couple of squares of felt fabric, an additional piece of contrasting felt, a needle and sewing thread that matches the felt, and scissors. The petals can be cut to any shape desired, and are then layered and sewn together, with the centerpiece made from the contrasting fabric on the top. The finished flower can either be glued or sewn to a clip or hairpin. There are a multitude of different ways to make flowers for hair clips out of fabric and ribbon. Long strips can be gathered and rolled to create the look of a rose, or they can be looped to make more of a daisy-like flower. Individual flower shapes can be cut and layered together with a button sewn in the middle to secure the separate pieces. The edges can be finished or left raw so that they fray, creating a more fun and funky look. Again, the flower is attached to any kind of hair clip desired. The different style of flowers mentioned above can also be made into other kinds of cute accessories. The flowers could be attached to a pin to make a pretty corsage. They can also be glued or sewn to a comb. They look cute when added to a purse or handbag. The possibilities don't end with flower hair clips, there are many potential uses for this kind of project.
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