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Flapper Dress as a Fashion Symbol

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-06-09
Style: Those women wore short skirts, bobbed their hair, played jazz and professed a flagrant departure from accepted behaviors. Especially, flappers removed the corset from female fashion and raised skirt and gown hemlines, wearing dresses that were straight and loose, and leaving the arms bare and dropping the waistline to the hips. Name: Flapper is a slang term used to describe a young woman of 1920s who defied conventions, wearing dresses that flapped like a bird's wings. Very elegant and fashionable, their dress was the social butterfly type consisting of scanty cloth and hat. Actually, the teen-aged girls wore unbuckled galoshes and coats that flapped when they walked. Fit: The flapper dress was the forerunner of women's liberation, and as a style, was a rage with actresses and celebrities. This very feminine style betrayed a sense of indifference then. But now, these peculiar drop waist dresses have made a comeback with the same becoming popular with Halloween parties and in Oscar movies tempting people to catch the trend again. It has become a comfort fit and a favorite with many buyers and clients as the flared bottom allows the wearer to move about freely. Types: Flapper dress is coming in a number of types based on ornamental works and shapes. Vintage, modern, ted baker, plus size, 1920s, Fringe, beaded, colored, art deco dress, Flapper coats, and flapper slips are a few. Accessories: No flapper look is complete without accessories. Fashion mongers prefer along with flapper dress head to toe things such as vintage jewellery, shoes, general fabulous articles, hat, head band, boa, feathers, cameo pins, and back seamed panty hose. Shops: Shops have expanded to bring into market many varieties including ropes of beads and fringing. The merchandise are of good quality catering to different tastes also. Price: Prices range from under $50 to more than $1000 depending upon the material and craftsmanship, appearing in all colors-white, black, blue, pink, green and red. Satin and silk cloth also are used for making flapper dress. Commercial names of dresses: True to the style, shape, size and fashion, flapper dress is sold under different commercial names in the market. Some of them are fringe lace back 1920s, 1920s geometric print, 1920s Gatsby, Great gratsby large, beaded silk, beaded vintage style, tassle fringe dress. Other designs are dropped waist underneath costumes, low waist large, lilac lace waist drop, long fringe braid beaded neck, black dot lace bead, cream lace, frill, teal lace shift, sequin and sheer lace ribbon dress. Charleston style, black lace bead, sheer ribbon lace, tiered beaded, cream lace bead, style see through dress, beige floral lace dress, neck drop waist jersey dress, , beaded dress, free people golden sands dress, slim waist drop flapper dress, and metal tiered flapper dress are yet other models sold in market. General: Though in 1920s flapper dress was a symbol of a non-conformist, over the years it has become a great symbol of status and value. It makes a comfortable fit, apart from being a fashion. It could be gauged from the craze and rage with which people throng shops for purchasing them.
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