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Fenix Headband: It's Like Having a Third Hand

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-07-20
If you've ever tried to change a tire in the dark or if you've ever had to race the sunset to set up your tent, you know how even the simplest of tasks can be almost impossible if one of your hands is holding a flashlight. Fortunately, there's an economical, effective solution: The Fenix Headband. Designed specifically to hold a Fenix flashlight, the Fenix Headband allows you to quickly and easily turn your Fenix flashlight into a hands-free headlamp that naturally illuminates whatever you're gazing at. These specially designed headbands are designed to make the most of a Fenix flashlight's cool operation, compact size and light weight. Imagine being to explore, climb, hike, and even do car repairs after dark! Fenix Headbands are comfortable, durable and versatile, and are made of special moisture-absorbing cotton to reduce perspiration. They pack compactly and are easy to assemble and put on. The adjustable mounts are made of shatterproof German Bayer PVC plastic with a UV-resistant treatment. The headbands also feature a rotating 360-degree design that adjusts to any angle, and give you the option of mounting a second flashlight for even brighter, more precise illumination. And the features don't stop there. The Fenix Headband also comes with a waterproof battery holder, which has fluorescent o-rings for easy visibility. This makes changing the batteries a snap even in the dark. No one expects to have to repair their car of set up a tent in the dark. But by making a small investment in a Fenix flashlight and headband, you'll be prepared!
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