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Fabulous Hair Clips for Stunning Updos

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-06-27
When you are planning an evening out or attending a special occasion or event, you may want to put your hair up into an elegant up-do and this will involve finding the right kind of hair clip. The hair clip you choose can be as simple or as elaborate and decorative as you like; and can match your hair color so that it is not conspicuous or can be a fashion statement and talking point by itself. A plain barrette style clip in a mock tortoiseshell pattern merges well into brown or chestnut hair and looks simple, stylish and elegant. This is also an easy way to put your hair up for an everyday casual look. Barrettes are also available in a range of sizes and in every color combination you can imagine so you are sure to be able to find one to go with your outfit. A fashionable look can be achieved with a flower hair clip. You could wear a multitude of clips each with a small flower in matching or contrasting designs and colors or one big flower corsage clip to make a statement. These can have beaded centers and individual petals made of a mesh fabric or even feathers. Staying with feathers a particularly beautiful and eye-catching hair clip is one made to look like peacock feathers. Zad makes a range of these in neon colors, combining a retro with an up to date, high fashion look. Another popular design is hair clips with bows. Again you could choose an assortment of small bows in toning shades for a pretty effect or one large bold bow worn on the back of the head for a retro 80s look. Jeweled hair clips are fabulous for evening and can be classy and discrete or big loud and glitzy. A large sparkling silver or gold colored clip studded with crystals will certainly make an impact and looks amazing with a plain black outfit. For something a little more demure, hair clips made from simulated, or real freshwater pearls are a classic look for an elegant evening. If your hair is too short naturally for an up-do, how about looking at clip in hair extensions available in straight or wavy styles or clip in bangs? These can create a totally new look for you for evening wear with sexy waves that match your natural hair color. Or for a party you could choose extensions in a vibrant color, such as hot pink for a funky young look.
women's hair accessories headbands Recycled fabric products is generally used to hair clip ideas.
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