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Express Yourself With Bridal Hair Flowers And

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-07-29
A popular choice for contemporary weddings is bridal hair flowers and decorative hair pins. When deocrated with crystals or feathers they make an elegant statement. Hair pins work best with an updo, a half updo, or a bun. Crystals, flowers and pearl hair pins look great when used in groups of odd numbers such as three or five. When feathers are attached to the hair pin, it usually looks best worn alone. A lovely vertical twist updo is a great style to add a row of hair pins or a single hair pin would be a beautiful addition to a bun. Touchable softness is the new look for today's hair styles and that means it should be styled in a loose way especially with an updo. Bun styles are no longer the tight pulled back style, but are done in loose curls which still has the glamorous look with the softness for a modern feminine style. Braids are also popular and elegant when woven through a loose messy updo. They not only add a lovely texture, but are the perfect anchor to hold all types of hair accessories. For thin hair, a braid can be used under a loose style to hold hair accessories and hair extensions. They work wonders for a base to hold a tiara or hair comb with flowers or a veil attached. Hair pulled back on one side is a beautiful look for any length of hair. It can have soft curls, wispy strands or tiny braids to add a touch of glamour. A hair pin or bobby pin is a lovely way to top it off. Flowers attached to a hair pin are a great way to fill out thin hair. Short Hair Styles can be styled in an updo to give the appearance of more volume and length. By taking small sections of hair and applying hair spray first, it can be curled from the base of the head out to the ends. Curl the ends of the hair and leave the strands in a loose style. It is amazing how beautiful this style is and it looks like the hair is much longer than it actually is. Decorative hair pins or bobby pins work very well with this style. Decorative hair pins can be very expensive, but it is quite easy to make your own. First decide if you want to use crystals, pearls, feathers, or flowers. Shells are another option for tropical or beach weddings. Small jewelry wire or a strong glue is used to attach the decorations to the hair pin. Feathers can be placed side by side or in small bunches and wired to the hair pin. Place a pearl or crystal at the base of the feathers. Feathers used for millinery and hair pieces include ostrich, pheasant, peacock, and coque (rooster tail). Small sections of a boa can also be used. Crystals can be purchased online or at a craft store. Glue them to jewelry wire to create a design or directly to the end of the hair pin. One of my favorite techniques is to use earrings to attach to the hair pins. They are already mounted and a piece of wire can be wrapped around the base. There are so many colors and styles of earrings and they make the loveliest hair pins ever! Pearls can be designed into clusters of flowers or used individually. They are very easy to attach with jewelry wire inserted through the holes. Flowers can easily be attached to hair pins but it is best to use smaller ones because of the weight. Faux and fresh flowers should have the stem cut off and a small piece of wire inserted through the base of the flower. Wrap the ends of the wire around the hair pin for a beautiful wedding hair piece! To insert a hair pin, begin by holding it at a 45 degree angle upward angle. Place the ends in the hair and then bring it down into the hair so that it holds firmly in place. It is important to try different hair styles before the ceremony and that you feel very comfortable with your hair accessory choices. Decorative hair pins and bridal hair flowers are a lovely choice whether you want a tiny touch of glamour or a large showy piece. ------ Janet Weirich writes on a number of topics related to wedding hair flowers. For more on bridal hair flowers visit http://www.weddinghairflowerideas.com/bridal-hair-flowers/ .
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