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Effective Tips on Twisting your Straight Hair

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-07-30
Getting your mane curly may cost a little expensive especially if you are aiming to achieve a celebrity look. However, there are do-it-yourself tricks you can do at home for to get the wavy mane that you always dream of. How to Give Your Crowning Glory Magnificent Twists Use a curler or a flat iron. Curlers normally provide a more interesting look however; a double-barreled iron offers fast results. Hairspray or gel helps keep the shape and volume of twists in your locks. Moreover, if you want to give your waves extra boost, there is a wide array of hair care products and conditioners available for you. An example of product that can hasten the curling process is Wahl Australia. When using curler, make sure that you choose the correct size of it to achieve your preferred curls. Most women make the mistake of using different sizes thus getting various widths of waves in their tresses. Begin twisting your straight tresses by brushing it out. Bring your locks together right above the forehead and pull it out. Twist your locks on a large hair iron for at least 2 and no more than 5 seconds. Place the iron out and don't move the curl. Use hair pins to secure the curls in your head. Do this until your locks are full of pinned-up curls.Use your preferred hairspray over the pinned curls of your locks in order to ensure its longevity. Allow the hairspray penetrate the curls for maximum of 15 up to 20 minutes. Take away the pins and let the curls loose. Run your fingers to your scalp to style and shape your locks. Add hair products for finishing touches. For this task, nothing beats the Babyliss Australia when it comes to bringing glamour to the newly curled hair. If truth be told, there is no right or wrong technique of curling your hair. What you should do is to prevent damaging your tresses - everything else depends on your type of hair. Some women already have the exact tips that work best for their specific type such as treating it prior to curling or waiting until it becomes a dry before curling.
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