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Dress Up Games for Girls Ages 14 and Up

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-05-27
You're never too old to put on a costume and play a dress up game, and this fact is evident every Halloween. Wearing a costume and acting as if you were a totally different person is a great way to exercise creativity and individuality. When girls get to their teen years, however, they may need a little more direction and maturity in their dress up games. Celebrity Dinner Party This game doubles as a social event, or dinner party that your daughter can invite her best friends to attend. In the invitation to this event, tell the guest that she must dress up as her favorite celebrity. She should also watch some movies, interviews and award shows featuring this celebrity to do the homework on her character. At the dinner, lay out a red carpet, a pre-dinner appetizer spread, and plastic champagne glasses with apple cider. Let characters interact with one another, instructing the girls to stay in character throughout the entire dinner. Acting Teenage girls are at the age where they may have considered trying theater, or acting in a school production. This game can serve as a rehearsal or as an experimental outlet that may lead to a newfound talent. The girls choose a play, movie or television show they enjoy and acquire the script. After assigning characters, the girls dress up to match the part and then go through the scene reading the script with the script in hand. After players become comfortable, they can try to act without the script to get more into character, then perform the scene for friends and family. Guess Who The classic 'Guess Who' board game by Hasbro asks players to guess who the other player's character is, using only 'yes' and 'no' questions. Instead of playing this game with a board, play it with real live people and a costume closet. Gather all the clothes, accessories and props you have for the game and lay them out on the floor. Pick someone to go first, then have them dress up as a famous person. To make the game a little easier, you can get guidelines such as famous actresses from the '90s. The player in character can say things her character might say, gesture the way that person might gesture, but never give away obvious details about who they are. Players in the audience ask 'yes' and 'no' questions to figure out who she is impersonating. Dancing Show Dressing up is a huge part of every performing art, and by their teenage years, many girls are ready to perform. For an excuse to dress up and simultaneously be creative, put on a dancing show. Players can do solos or arrange into smaller groups for team pieces. Pick the songs you like, create a theme around the song and make up choreography. If you have a video recorder at the house, record each team performing dance pieces. Have one player act as the show host and introduce each group and provide transitions between groups. Edit the video to make it look professional if you have the time and resources. Alternatively, you can do dress up karaoke and have each girl dress up and perform her favorite song. Complete Makeover Hair, makeup and clothes become increasingly important as girls reach their teen years. Encourage these interests in a positive and supportive way by having girls give each other makeovers. Each girl has a turn doing the hair, makeup and clothing of another girl. The girl receiving the complete makeover also has total control over what will be done to her hair and makeup, and which clothes she will wear. For this game, girls should bring over all of their favorite outfits and let another girl wear whatever she wants for the duration of the game. After all the girls are dressed up, they pose for group photos that they can keep as a memory.
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