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Dress Up Games For 12 Years & Older

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-05-25
Many 12-year-old girls love playing dress-up. When planning a party or get-together for a group of 12-year old kids, include a variety of dress up games for the tweens to play. Games prevent boredom and allow any unfamiliar faces at the party a chance to make new friends. Awarding prizes to game winners, such as costume jewelry, hair accessories and lip gloss, will keep the tweens lined up and ready for the next dress-up game. Foil Dress-Up Divide the players into groups of three or four and give each team two rolls of aluminum foil. Have each team go into a different room and select a player from their team to be the 'model.' Tell the teams they have 20 minutes to dress-up their team 'model' using only the aluminum foil. They can use their creativity and imagination to create shirts, pants, hair accessories, shoes and belts using the foil. After 20 minutes, each 'model' will show off her foil outfit. Have an adult award prizes to the team with the best outfit or award prizes for the teams with the funniest, silliest, scariest and best outfits. Complete Outfit Have all the players sit in a circle and place a large box of clothes, such as shoes, shirts, pants and hats, in the middle of the circle. Hand one child a ball and play music. Tell the children to pass the ball around the circle while the music plays. When the music stops, the person holding the ball must go to the box and get one item from the box. The first person to have a full outfit (hat, shoes, shirt and pants) wins the game and a prize. Dress-Up Relay Race For a tropical or luau party, have a dress-up relay race for the kids. Fill two large beach bags each with a grass skirt, pair of sunglasses, straw hat, a lei and a beach shirt. Divide the players into two teams and give each team a beach bag. Mark a starting line and a finish line about 20 feet apart. Tell the children to line up at the starting line. When you say, 'Go,' the first player in each line must put on all the items from the beach bag and run to the finish line. She must run back to the starting line and take off all the items. The next player in line must do the same thing. The first team to finish the relay race wins the game. Timed Dress-Up Game Place two complete outfits in the floor, each with a wig, hat, shirt, shoes, pants and socks. Select two players to go first and have them stand in front of each outfit. When you say, 'Get dressed,' the players have to put on the outfits as fast as they can. The first player to put the entire outfit on -- at least close enough to properly -- wins the race and a small prize.
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