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Do You Need a Great Craft Idea to Do With Your Daughter?

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-06-27
Have you ever gone to those craft boutiques and looked at all of the stuff and think to yourself that you could make it and probably make it for a whole lot cheaper. I walk around and wish that I was more talented or that my husband could cut wood for wooden decorations. I did find a couple things that I could make at home for a fraction of the cost. It was really exciting when I found out how cheap making hair clips with the fancy bows really are. My little girl loves the fancy bows in her hair. We do not always have money in our budget to buy all the ones she wants. I was so excited when I went on to YouTube and found a video that shows you how to make hair clips. I watched this video a couple of times and then went on the hunt for the items I needed. First you need to decide what type of ribbon and seasonal effects you want. I went online and found the cutest ribbon. The internet has so many businesses that offer the cutest ribbon. I have found, soccer, volleyball, football, cheerleading, holiday decorated etc. The choices are so endless, it is great! So I ordered my ribbon that my daughter and I had picked out. Next off you need to find the hardware. I like to use single prongs. They just fit in my daughter's hair better. If your daughter has thick hair you might want to go for double prong. The size ribbon that you need to go on these is 3/8' width. This ribbon covers the alligator clip perfectly. There is no need to cut or have to worry about jagged lines, it lays over nice and neat. Then as long as you have a glue gun at home you can hot glue gun the ribbon to the clip and you have the first part of your hair bow finished. Yes if you want to skip this step all together there are websites where you can buy all ready lined hairclips. Next you need to decide what kind of bow you are going to glue to the clip. There are korker bows that look like a pom pom and these are my daughter's favorite. There is just the traditional bow and you can make these a little bit fancier by doubling or tripling the ribbon for a more 3D effect. This will be a great time bonding and having fun with your little girl. If you are anything like me, it will be a great day just relaxing making hair clips.
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