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Different Types Of Gift Packaging

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-07-22
Who among us hasn't seen it all before on a TV game show. Someone wins a cruise, the curtain opens, and there it is. A huge picture of the exotic location with a model standing there waving giant oversized replications of the tickets. Then someone wins a car, and it's driven out through a cloud of confetti with a giant bow on top of it. So even with what is by any definition, amazing gifts for the winner, they still added more to the presentation with what really is packaging. So while these both are extreme examples, they do none the less prove a point well, and that is that no matter what it is that you give, you can make it a better gift with affordable, yet creative packaging, and presentation. So why not do the same thing but on a smaller scale and remember that you don't have to be a game show host to steal and use some of their techniques. The first one that comes to mind too is when you're giving cash as a gift. Now the problem with cash is that it's small, and it all too quickly disappears into a wallet or purse. So why not do like they do on a game show and make up some huge 'oversized bills' that you can wrap up. Now of course the money will be in an envelope with a card, as always, but the 'meter long' giant phony check or bill is sure to add to the occasion. Then on a far smaller scale, in the same way that the confetti enhances the effect on a game show, you can use coloured scraps of paper, pieces of candy, stickers, or whatever to whimsically dress up the outside wrapping of any gift. Now gift baskets have always been popular to give but the problem that far too many folks have, is for some reason they have it stuck in their had that they have to buy a pre-assembled gift basket. Nothing is further from the truth, and you can start out by saving a load of money by picking up your own basket from a local party or packaging shop. Then fill it up with whatever you feel like, and the neat thing about this idea is that you get to give lots of smaller gifts, instead of just one. Break the rules! Stop by the auto-supply store and fill your basket up with a bunch of vehicle maintenance goodies.
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