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Decorating a Chocolate Cake

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-06-10
A chocolate cake may be a delightful treat when served toward after taking a meal or at an afternoon which is pleasant, if you desire having something sweet. Use whimsical and fanciful garnishes to make your cake appealing. Select foods which look pretty if paired against dark chocolate backgrounds and are delicious. Ingredients needed for preparing your delicacy include chocolate, metal baking pan, butter, a cup of almonds, spatula, ribbon, fondant and one fruit pound. The others are one cup of wine, two sugar tablespoons, paper lace doily and powdered sugar. To prepare your cake, make curls first. These comprise of chocolate bits that are folded up, resembling hair curls. Then chop a chocolate bar into minute pieces, thereafter putting these pieces into glass bowl. Introduce 1 tablespoon of butter for each 2 ounces of chocolate. Put glass bowl into pan containing little portion of water. Next, use open flame to heat this water. Stir this gently until it melts entirely. Allow it to cool for around 30 seconds then pour chocolate over baking pan of metal till thin layer is formed. Let it stand until cooling is achieved. Employ a spatula of metal for pushing chocolate underneath at 45-degree angle. Doing this creates some chocolate curl which may be utilized for garnishing your cake. Toast one cup almonds in oven for about two to three minutes in order to produce the most refined flavor. After chopping into small slivers, use frosting to ice your cake, which you then may top with chopped pieces of almond. The step following this is creating topping of fondant, which is any piece of rolled icing which one can turn into a desirable shape. Roll out your fondant layer on the cake top until it gets covered entirely. Use ribbon for decorating around cake bottom for a complete look. Top your cake with alcohol-marinated fruit. Cut up one pound ripe peaches, pitted cherries or strawberries into huge chunks. Place chunks of fruit in 1 cup wine mixture and two tablespoon of sugar. Allow to sit for an hour at least. Chop up fruit into pieces which are smaller then spread across cake with spatula. Make use of powdered sugar for making lacy pattern. Sugar in powdered form creates dramatic look if applied against dark background. Put paper doily on cake top, onto which also sprinkle some powdered sugar. Lift up doily gently and reveal the pattern underneath it. Blow on chocolate cake top mildly to clear away sugar accumulated on single spots excessively.
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