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Cords And Designs Used in Headphones

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-07-20
Different types of headphones that are making their way into the markets can easily confuse a buyer while choosing one of them for their purpose. And understandably so, getting to know the intricate designs and cord patterns associated with these headphones is next to impossible for these people. So, before making a purchase, you need understand thoroughly different designs and chord patterns that can be seen in headphones. This will help you immensely while you are choosing them. Common designs in headphones While there are different designs to choose from in headphones, they can all be broadly classified into Open and Closed types. If you are specifically looking for a 'natural' sound then open headphones are for you. However, they do have their share of disadvantages. Chances are that external noise might intrude your music and this can be particularly annoying while turn up the volume higher. Also, you can expect music to leak from your headphones on to others nearby and this can easily disturb them. The Closed versions of these headphones will offer you a more intimate experience of listening to music. But when compared to the open types, these headphones will render bass muddier. And don't be surprised to see certain sound characteristics pronounced overly in these forms of headphones too. Cords Like in the case of other components used in headphones, headphone cords come in different designs. While few headphones come with a 'Y' shaped cord, others come with a 'J' shaped cord. In the case of former, single strand pops out from the plug and it splits of only to get reconnected with their respective earcups. However, in 'J' shaped cords, as seen in the case of canalphones and earbuds, a single strand that is visible get split off. The main different between the two forms lie in the way they are applied. In the case of 'Y' cord, one end is longer than the other. This is to make it possible to wrap around the head and then pass it on to the ears. The idea behind this design is to relieve some tension in the cord and to make it tough for the earphone to be pulled out from the ear. But there is no denying the fact that this arrangement can sometimes be cumbersome. Most of the headphones that we see today, however, make use of straight cords. In this case, the cord from the plug comes all the way up to the left earphone and gets connected there. The wire on the other side is fed internally via headband. Higher-end headphones prefer using 'Y' cord to its straighter counterparts. This is largely because the length of the cord is equal on either side in the former type and this ensures that both the sides are sonically matched to a greater extent. Keeping in mind all these aspects of headphones in mind should surely help you a lot while buying them. No doubt, there are other factors too that need to be considered. But at least, the above details should help you get started in your decision making process.
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