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Choosing a Tiara

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-07-30
Here in the UK we don't get to wear a wear wedding tiara very often. The US equivalent of proms are only just becoming popular so for most current brides who left high school years ago, wearing a bridal tiara is once in a life time experience. You should only purchase your wedding tiara once you have your bridal gown sorted, you can buy it from the same bridal shop as your bridal gown but if you're looking to save money you should buy it online. You should by your wedding tiara last as it's supposed to compliment your bridal outfit, you shouldn't be trying to match your wedding dress to your tiara, it's easier the other way around. Your bridal tiara should compliment your entire wedding look, it shouldn't overpower your wedding dress or your facial features. You will need to also take into consideration any wedding jewelry or other hair accessories such as bridal hair pins you are planning to wear.. People will look at your bridal tiara and face together so make sure your tiara compliments your face shape. If you choose the wrong one, you could end up with people staring at your bridal tiara when there talking to you and you'll never know whether they looking and thinking it's gorgeous or whether they are thinking why did she choose that tiara? By choosing a wedding tiara which is simple and elegant, you will give the impression of class and elegance. Also remember that you will be looking at your wedding photos for a life time so don't go with a wedding tiara because it was in fashion at the time, remember looking at photo's of yourself from the 80's? For some having a similar wedding tiara to their favourite celebrity might seem like a good idea, there's nothing wrong with this as long as the wedding tiara suits you too, not just your role model. Remember perfume smells different on different people, tiaras look different too. Tiaras can be created from lots of different materials, for example, often pearl, diamantes and crystals are used, they also come in lots of different styles and various heights. If you want more information about choosing a bridal tiara then head over to our blog for lots more useful articles and to grab our free guide for choosing tiara.
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