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Chihuahau - The Smallest Dog in The World

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-06-10
Yorkshire Terrier to dominate the world record for the smallest breeds of dogs. The owners of a great choice for the title. We also consider alternative proposals or name. There are beautiful names of dogs, nice and clean. Yorkshire Terrier originally came from Yorkshire England historical conversation. Therefore, the name of the breed Yorkshire Terrier. You can call the breed York. This is an abbreviated form of the Yorkshire Terrier. Races usually grows hair silky and shiny and black fire. Technically, it is black instead of blue. In addition, several small breeds Yorkshire Terrier. Indeed, the reputation of Guinness Book of Records as the owner of a small dog in the world. cute dog names in the Book of Big Boss Sylvia, '' Pinocchio, Little, Whitney. Big boss measures 4.7 inches or 11.94 cm in 2002 created the Book of Big Boss for small dogs. The name speaks for itself. Big name means big or large, and the name of the main tasks in the head or leader. Sylvia, what is the smallest dog in the history of 2.5 inches and 3.5 inches. And weighs only 4 ounces. Unfortunately, he died in 1945. Sylvia also coming from Matchbox sized Yorkshire terrier. Sylvia Dog Latin name means forest and jungle. Little Pinocchio 2.75 inches and 8 inches. Your boss would like the red ribbon at the top of Tiny Pinocchio. It's actually so small that they can intervene. Thus, a bird box, where to stay. His nickname Nokia. This is just a short chick Pinocchio. Whitney was named the Big Boss Dog in 2002. Whitney 3 inches and 9 inches. Whitney lives in England with Christopher and Patricia Sheridan. They have always been proud of Whitney. This dog's name, which means white island. In addition, the names that are ideal for dogs black and red. For example, cinnamon, Guinness, cakes, pancakes, and refers to the black race of fire. After the cinnamon bread from the oven, bread, brown and black faces. Then add the pasta in white enamel. Guinness Stout is English. If beer is poured into a glass of beer shows a beautiful black and red. Arthur Guinness has a wonderful beer. Thus, the name of Guinness Crepes and pancakes the same way. After starting the cake pan, cake-like race of black fire. There are other names that mean little or small. For example: Keir small, dark Irish. Variations of Cyrus Cyrus and Cyrus Kyran. The names of all the names of men. Peewee dogs called English, it means little or very little. With a little Yorkshire terrier dog breed is suitable for small breeds. Another example is the fact that Paul is referring to small or moderate in the U.S.. World World World World Variations in flight, Paulina, Paulina and the world. A list of names the dog 'Peace, peace and tranquility. The name for the dog, Paolo, Paul wanted, Pauline and Pauline.
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