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Characteristics of A Metrosexual Man

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-06-29
Are you a 'metrosexual' man? For those of you who don't know what that means a metrosexual man is someone who spends a great deal of time on his appearance. He is interested in personal grooming, fashion and accessories, e.g. men's jewellery and understands the importance of looking good. This type of male is definitely in touch with his feminine side. This doesn't cast any aspersions on his sexuality or attempt to pass a judgement on him. What it does mean is a man who not only works hard on his appearance but is also interested in good food, the arts, architecture and design. He is also likely to be found down at the gym, participating in triathlons or other endurance events. Stylish and confident If there are two words which define this man they are 'stylish' and confident': the metrosexual wears well cut, fashionable clothes which suit his body shape and colouring. He will use male beauty products such as facial moisturisers and hair gel to ensure that his skin looks and feels good. All of this boosts his confidence and self-esteem. Plus this man is likely to have enlightened attitudes and be in a stable relationship. No more fooling around for him. The need to compete You may not think it is important but looks matter especially in today's cut throat world. Traditionally, men didn't need to spend time on their appearance as they were judged on other things but that has now changed. Men have woken up to the fact that looks matter and never more so when looking to change careers, get promoted or land that all important sale. It's a tough old world out there and it is getting harder by the minute which means that men have to raise their game. Designer clothing and shoes, classic cufflinks and tie clips, eco-friendly beauty products and expensive aftershave are all ways in which you can shine. Smart casual Casual is fine as long as it is clean, tidy and emphasises your best features. A pair of Diesel straight leg jeans paired with a Dolce and Gabbana shirt and worn with Polo Ralph Lauren trainers is a smart yet fresh look which is acceptable in both a business and social environment. The grooming boom There has been a rise in the number of men using beauty products such as facials, baby lotion, body exfoliators and hair gels. What might at one time as been seen as girly or gay is no longer the case as men have turned to grooming products as a way of looking the best they can. Image matters The fact remains that we judge people by their appearance. If you are employed in a job where you have to meet clients or deal with people on a day to day basis then what you wear says a great deal about you and your competency. So, if you look scruffy, are unshaven or basically, are not bothered by your appearance then this will reflect badly on you. A lack of care about your appearance says a lack of care about the way you do your job. This is to be avoided at all times.
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