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Bridal Veils and Other Alternatives

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-06-21
Bridal veils have long been considered a staple, especially with more traditional weddings. In Western countries, a veil gives the impression of mystique up until before the couple is officially announced as husband and wife. Although it is more commonly found in the West, it is not only limited to this part of the hemisphere and can even be found in rural parts of India. Bridal veils can vary in terms of the material used to make them as well as the length. There are veils that reach up to the floor while the shortest terminates around the shoulders, with the option of purchasing a matching headpiece or not. It is important to select a length and style which goes along with the rest of the gown and what the bride would be most comfortable in wearing. More contemporary weddings no longer demand for a veil to be worn. The bride now has a choice on whether or not to wear a veil. She can choose whether or not it would be practical to wear a veil and not just base her decision on tradition. There are some instances wherein a veil may not be practical. For instance, people who are wearing hearing aids may find discomfort in wearing a veil as it can make loud crackling noises as the fabric moves or hits another surface. Brides with really short hair may also find it difficult to attach a bridal veil. Another consideration is the location of the wedding. There are some sites where wearing a veil is impractical such as a beach or on top of a mountain. With the wind constantly blowing, there is a constant risk of the veil hitting the bride's face or eventually be blown away if not fastened securely enough. Brides who intend to forgo with wearing a veil need not feel as if they are bare. Well placed accessories placed on the head and hair can work just as well as any veil. Some bridal accessories have replaced the function of a veil in more modern weddings. It has become popular to use headbands as it can work with any type and length of hair. For brides with short hair, headbands are best alternative. It can look sophisticated yet functional at the same time, eliminating the need for a veil. There are other alternatives for bridal veils. Brides going for a fresher look can opt for placing flowers on their head instead. This is perfect for garden weddings as well as those celebrated on the beach or on the mountains. Some suggestions for blossoms include Asiatic lilies and Cymbidium orchids. These are recommended blossoms that are capable of lasting the longest without any water. For those that feel that a bridal veil is too traditional, there are more daring fashionable options. One includes wearing a small white cap with netting attached that replaces the veil. It is a more modern and chic approach to wearing a veil. Another option is by wearing feathers. These can placed sticking out of a French twist or bun type hairstyle which would hold the feathers in place.
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