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Bridal Headdresses - New or Vintage

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-07-30
Brides today have so many choices to make and not least when it comes to their bridal headdress and bridal jewellery. Should a bride go for the shimmering new bling, that true princess bride look? Or what about a beautiful bridal headdress that is as unique as you incorporating something vintage? Heirlooms Ever After provide a bespoke service to brides out there who want to be different! A bride's wedding day is the one day when she can truly shine, shouting her personality in every minute detail! With a vintage bridal headdress, not only will she have something that is one-off, unique, she will have that something borrowed incorporated within her day! By using vintage brooches, earrings and other sterling silver and vermeil jewellery, a stunning piece of art that once stood alone as a piece of jewellery can be worked into another piece of art. A bridal headpiece, headdress or tiara that matches no other! As unique as your day should be, your bridal headdress and bridal jewellery deserve no less. Whether you desire a side tiara, a coronet, bridal hair comb or bridal hair pins, Heirlooms Ever After work with you every step of the design process to create something special for you. A bespoke service means that you will receive something that noone else will ever have! By combining vintage jewellery with fresh water pearls, Swarovoski crystals, diamontes and semi-precious stones, you create a gorgeous element that brings an extra dose of luxury and decadence to your day. Something to be remembered, your Heirloom Ever After. Vintage is every bit as fashionable and yet as quirky as you can be. Tastes of years ago are creeping back to mix with the new and create a fantastic array of unusual blends that a skilled designer can use to their benefit! Take for example the old brooches your Grandmother would wear on her woolen coat in years gone by. Perhaps only coming out on the coldest of days to wear to Church on a Sunday. To use this brooch is to take a small piece of history and turn it into something else beautiful and timeless! A classic combination of diamontes and semi-precious stones is all Heirlooms Ever After needs as their catalyst of design to create something unique for each and every bride they work with. Considering the shape of the stones, the colours and tones then complementing with other beautiful additions to create an Heirloom the bride will want to keep forever and hand on! With Swarovski crystals, the colour choices are endless and any colour and tone can be matched, so blending the old with the new has never been easier. Add to that Marcasite, fresh water pearls and you have combinations that exude classic charm. Marcasite and sterling silver are a fantastic duo and jewellery that incorporates this at its best is as precious as diamonds and gold in our eyes anyway. The sparkling effect of Marcasite in both natural and artifical light is so gorgeous, it makes for a perfect choice for any bride who wants her bridal headdress to see her through her day and into the dancing night!
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