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Bridal Hair Accessories Buying Guide

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-06-24
With bridal hair accessories becoming more fashionable, brides now have more options for decorating their tresses than ever before. What you decide to wear is a matter of personal preference, but here are some suggestions if you're having trouble choosing. Bridal Hair Jewelry Bridal hair jewelries are always popular choices. You can choose from pearls, diamonds, rhinestones, amethyst, jade, rubies and other gemstones. You can also opt for shells or your birthstone. These are usually affixed to the coiffure with a pin. Crystals and shells are in style for beach weddings, but hair jewelries can be used in other wedding themes as well. Bridal Veils These bridal hair accessories are still a favorite in both traditional and contemporary wedding settings. These come in different lengths. Veils hanging on the shoulders are simple and elegant. For wedding dresses that don't have a train, the elbow length wedding veil is most suitable. If you'll be wearing floor length dresses, chapel length veils are more appropriate. If the wedding is formal, you should buy cathedral style veils. Fingertip veils are also good choices as they match many wedding gown styles. Designers are always coming out with new designs, so be on the lookout. Just make sure the style matches the motif of your wedding. Hair Combs and Pins If you're on a budget, you can opt for hair combs, hair pins or clips. These bridal hair accessories are inexpensive yet elegant. These combs come in many styles, but flower and butterfly themes are fashionable. For the best results, buy combs that are small. Wedding hair pins and clips are also available in different styles. When choosing hair pins, pick one that compliments your gown and hairstyle. If you'll be donning other accessories, ensure they match and don't get too cluttered. Bows and Bands If you're going to use bows or bands, make sure they are high quality. Cheap bows look kitschy. Unlike combs, bows should be oversized. You can try wearing it with a headscarf fastened 1940s style. In terms of styles, scarves that tie all the way around are recommended. For these bridal hair accessories, the fabric matters a lot. Go for silk or leather. You should avoid buying bows that are too cute or childish. More so than the other accessories, the bow must match the rest of your dress. Bridal Tiaras and Other Accessories For traditional weddings, the bridal tiara is indispensable. These headpieces are typically adorned with diamonds, crystals or rhinestones. Keep in mind that if you don tiaras, you should not wear pins, and vice versa. If you're wearing pearl jewelries, daisy hair spirals are recommended. There are also bridal combs that are adorned with precious stones or pearls. Other options include crystal hair sticks, and crystal hair vines. These crystal vines can be donned like a hair band or set in a pony tail. There are many types of bridal hair accessories, from tiaras to hair pins. Provided you mix and match the accessories properly, you will come out looking radiant.
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