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Baby Hair Bows That Look Best on Pictures

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-05-29
Baby pictures are a great way to capture the memories that you and your baby are making every day. After all, she won't always be this small! You only get one shot at great baby pictures, complete with an adorable baby bow, so it is important that you get it right. After all, by the time you go back to the photographer, she might not be a baby any more! Some baby hair bows can make babies look silly. Even worse, over the top hair bows, many of which were not designed with your baby in mind, can prove to be such a distraction that all everyone sees is the giant hair bow blocking your baby, instead of your baby's cherubic face. Whether you are taking the pictures yourself, or head off to the photographer's studio, picking the right baby bow to enhance your daughter's adorable good looks is an important part of getting ready for your photos. Look at specially designed baby bows for your pictures. These baby hair bows may actually be smartly designed hair bows that are affixed to clips, like those from No Slippy Hair Clippy. The goal of the No Slippy Hair Clippy brand is to keep the hair clip, and its pretty bow, where it belongs. However you use baby bows to decorate your daughter's hair, throughout a long photo session it is important that they stay put. A hair bow that falls out mid-way through a picture can ruin and otherwise terrific photograph. For babies with especially short hair, try a baby hair bow headband. Your daughter will enjoy the beauty of a pretty hair bow, while the headband comfortably holds it in place. The color of your daughter's baby hair bow is an important choice. While you can find a hair bow clip in nearly any color or pattern, remember that small patterns will not be seen in your daughter's pictures. A white hair bow printed with a pattern of small pastel pink flowers may pair wonderfully with your daughter's pale pink dress. However, the pastel pink flowers will not be seen in the photograph. This leaves your daughter appearing to have been wearing a white bow with her all pale pink outfit, which may not be the look that you want. Try solid colored baby bows for a striking look that matches your daughter's picture day outfit. To dress her up even more, look for bows that have multiple ribbons. A bow that is made out of red and pink ribbons will make a Valentine's Day portrait look extra sweet, for example. Or look for a hair bow that has an interesting pattern embroidered on the ribbon that will be seen in your daughter's photograph. Patterns that stand out, while enhancing your daughter's beauty, will contrast against the ribbon without clashing with the ribbon's color, or your daughter's outfit. The pattern should be large enough that it can be seen on the ribbon, but not so large that the bow itself has to be extra large.
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