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Baby Dress Up 101

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-06-27
One of life's purest joys is the moment you hold your baby for the first time. Later, when all the celebrations, congratulations, baby showers and baby gifts are done, it's time to do a little work. First-time parenthood is whole new world full of twists and turns. It may seem scary at first, but you will eventually learn to love it as you discover your new baby and your new expanded self. You're going to look forward to dressing her up. Of course (and I'm sure any mom would agree), you want to make certain that she looks really cute. You may even have started shopping for cute clothes and cute hair accessories before she was even born! But then what? The key to dressing up your little one with minimum fuss is to have the right things on hand. Here are some helpful hints: To Kick Things Off Some babies kick up a bit of a fuss when you attempt to change their clothes. The cool air on their skin can make them uncomfortable. Solve this problem by keeping a receiving blanket on top of her once you've taken off her clothes for changing. Key Position When dressing your baby, choose the changing position wisely. If you put her on your lap, you'll likely end up using one or both of your hands to support her, making the clothing change awkward. It's actually easier to change her clothes when she's lying down. It's safe, and both of your hands are free to do the work. Everything for You We have to do everything for our babies, even simple things like guiding their arms through the sleeve of a new top. As you guide her arm into the sleeve, sometimes fingers get caught along the way, so make sure to guide gently through to the end. Here's a trick: stick your fingers through the bottom of the sleeve and then gently pull your baby's arm through the arm hole. In Over Your Head Pulling an outfit over her head can be tricky, and sometimes the fabric can scratch her face. Start by pulling it over the back of her head, and then use one hand to protect her face. If the garment has snaps in front, release them to make the neck hole bigger. No Luck with Socks You might want to skip the socks for now. She'll likely have them off in no time at all, and you will end up with only one sock per pair! Shoo the Shoes Without socks, you can also pass on the shoes. The American Academy of Pediatrics cites that babies do not need shoes until they start to walk, as they can interfere with the development of a normal longitudinal arch on the feet. Watch the Weather When thinking of how to dress your baby, make sure that weather is one of the deciding factors. A baby requires one more layer of clothing than adults do, although sizzling summer days can be an exception. Typically, premature babies require two additional layers of clothing no matter what the weather, until they reach the weight of a full-term newborn. If your baby has a thick head of hair, use safe, non-slip hair clips to keep her looking all the more adorable.
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