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Are You Finding it Difficult to Conceive a Child?

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-05-17
The clock is ticking and your hubby is at his prime. You have both been going at it for months and months and you're almost out of breath with no child to show for your efforts. Or perhaps you have conceived time and time again, unfortunately you keep having miscarriages. You are not alone! More and more women around the world are experiencing the same problems and science just stands in bewilderment scratching its head and decides to fix the problem, as if it was a fixing a car, not your body. Your body is like a garden not a motor vehicle, so it should be cared for in the same way you would look after a garden, by nurturing its future. I can see you looking over at your biological garden, perhaps only seeing weeds and failing plants, right? Well, this example is well suited. You need to develop a green thumb and start looking after your body because your baby's life depends on it! At Acupuncture Sydney we understand that nothing will grow and flourish if its environment is under-nourished, dry, or even toxic. Nothing grows under those conditions! So let me ask you, how fertile is your body? What is the condition of the environment where your baby will be living? Is it well nourished, warm but not too hot, is the blood clean or full of toxins due to stress? How is your digestion? Did you know that what you eat and the condition of your digestive system can mean the difference between having a strong healthy baby and a possible miscarriage? At Acupuncture Sydney we understand that a woman requires the right heart and mind for your body is going to grow another body, and that's no easy feat. You are a creator of life and this means you have to be in a pure state to even come close to creating another human life. Your body has to have so many different hormones in balance not to mention other fluids, blood, oxygen, nutrients and at the same time fight off toxins caused by stress and outside negative influences to create a baby that will grow and beautifully develop not struggle to live or maintain life. When you visit your GP or Gynaecologist, they look at your body through the eyes of science, relying on and what science has thus so-far proven to be true. When you visit a Chinese Medicine Practitioner they look through the eyes of wisdom that has been gained by studying the fundamentals of a system that has been around for NO LESS THAN THREE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED YEARS (3,500), that's a very long time afforded by experience, actually 3,100 years longer than western medicine. It is exactly this ancient experience and practice that Acupuncture Sydney draws upon. Chinese medicine takes the body in it whole unique form and treats it as an individual blade of grass that comes that grows on a lawn. Each human beings elemental composition is different to that of another person, we are individually unique. That is we are designed to be treated differently, to that of any other person. There are so many varied and complex reasons why you have not been able to conceive or give birth to a healthy and strong baby. That's why at Acupuncture Sydney we understand each person needs to be treated as a unique individual to get to the root cause of a reason you might be finding it difficult to conceive a child. The way Chinese Medicine looks at the body is a reflection of nature itself. It may all sound a bit airy fairy but if you think about it for a minute, what is different between what is outside in the park to what is in your body? Without sun, water and nutrients your body will wither just as the trees in the park would die. If you didn't take the opportunity to sleep at night, your body would simply burn up from exhaustion just as the trees would. So what is different? Yes you have a mind, you can talk but other than that there's not much difference between what constitutes a tree and what forms your body. If you haven't watched the movie Inconvenient Truth, please do so and you will see that the earth actually breathes just as we do. Thousands of years ago these simple truths were discovered and Chinese medicine was founded on these simple, yet complex truths. At Acupuncture Sydney we know the human body comprises of 5 primary elements just as in nature - nature we are just a part of. These five elements are as follows; wood, fire, earth, metal, water and each of these elements are of the same characteristics that are specific to our internal organs. Wood Liver & Gallbladder Fire Heart & Small Intestine Earth Spleen & Stomach Metal Lungs & Large Intestine Water Kidneys & Urinary Bladder Each of these elements support each other in the cycle of life for example water grows the wood, wood is needed to make fire, the ashes of the fire creates the earth, earth creates metal, and metal creates water. It is through this supporting cycle (known as the cycle of birth) our internal organs work together giving us life. To understand this more clearly, you first have to understand the term Qi (CHI) pronounced 'chee'. Qi is energy just like the stuff that makes your hair dryer work allows your to function - in fact there would be no Universe without such Chi. This is one subject that quantum physists agree on, however certain scientists are still having trouble with this concept. Our body (like everything on Earth and in the Universe) is made of energy vibrating at a speed that gives us the elusion that we are solid but it's only an elusion. If you were to stand in front of a powerful microscope you would be seen as just particles of energy all vibrating together to provide form and this is true for a lawn, a rock, a tree and the Earth. Now all your bones, organs and muscles are vibrating each at different speeds to create the solid matter they represent. Your body is nothing but a mass of energy; yes it maybe hard to come to grips with, but its quantum physics truth. While this may be difficult to believe or even to comprehend, please stick with me and Acupuncture Sydney as you have nothing to lose and a baby to gain. Our body is made up of five elements that relate directly to the internal organs that create the functioning of our body. These organs support each other by transferring energy (Qi) to one another. When Qi circulates smoothly throughout the body we will enjoy good health or cycle of birth. Should the Chi not circulate properly we will experience problems from anything like headaches, bad digestion to period pain and infertility, this cycle can be referred to as the cycle of destruction. Let me explain how the Qi circulates. The five element cycle travels clockwise and the organ that supports the next is known as the mother and the supported organ are referred to as the child. The Liver is the mother of the Heart, the liver stores the blood and the blood houses the mind/spirit, so if the liver blood is weak the heart (the child) will suffer. The Heart is the mother of the Spleen and the energy of the heart (its Qi) pushes the blood supporting the spleen's function of transporting nutrients and body fluids. The Spleen acts as the mother to the Lungs and the spleen Qi provides food to the lungs creating a special type of Qi called zhong Qi that supports the body's respiratory function that assists in blood circulation, among other things. The Lungs are the mother of the Kidneys. The lungs send Qi and fluid down to the kidneys. The Kidneys are the mother of the Liver and help to nourish the liver blood that surrounds the uterus and feeds your baby. At Acupuncture Sydney we understand that when the body is running smoothly all the organs support each other - cycle of birth. However when we are not in harmony, the organs attack each other - cycle of destruction. A good example of this is when you are at the dinner table and have an argument, you tend to lose appetite or develop indigestion. What happened is that the liver becomes hot due to stress and the liver then attacks the stomach and spleen. It not only occurs with these organs it happens with all the organs and regularly within the body. As soon as you are unhappy or you eat something unfavourable or breathe in an unfavourable chemical or don't have enough sleep, your organs will start attacking each other, fighting as if contestants in a championship boxing match. At Acupuncture Sydney we realise you can't look at your body through the eyes of mechanic, you need the vision provided by through the eyes of a gardener. We need to care for our body and make sure the blood is nourished, food nutrient is ample and our Qi is strong. Examples at Acupuncture Sydney and the ancient experience of Chinese Medicine are evident; you will be unable to grow anything, including something as precious as a baby if your body is exposed to toxins, stress or in a destructive cycle. Chinese Medicine has a lot to offer and can treat most illnesses so please consider Acupuncture Sydney it if you are having troubles conceiving. You may think that is a big claim but keep in mind, the body is an organic object that is in a constant flux of change and when it's unwell it's because its out of balance. If we look, smell, hear and touch to see what is out of balance we can treat the root cause make adjustments to bring it back into balance and once in balance health is assured and this includes the ability to bare a child. To learn more about what goes on in the body and why you may be having troubles conceiving please drop in or drop me an email or visit Acupuncture Sydney.
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