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A Discussion on a Flower Hair Band

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-07-06
Flowers are one of the beautiful things that nature have provided us with. They are those beautiful things that increase the beauty of the tree by a million times. Apart from flourishing beauty also provides for various important accessories made from them that are used on daily purposes. They are required for worshipping purpose, wishing and greetings purposes, decoration purpose and sometimes also in makeup purpose. There are various types of flowers that are used as hair accessories to make someone more attractive and beautiful and are considered to be the cheapest makeup accessories that are used to decorate your hairs. Hair flowers are mainly of two types: (i) Natural & (ii) Artificial. The major advantage of using natural flowers is the beautiful natural fragrance they possess and also the accurate colour and looks are inevitable. However, the major disadvantage of using natural them is their longevity period. Normally natural flowers losses their shine, glow, looks and fragrance after a certain period of time and becomes unusable. The major advantage of using artificial flowers lies in the last line of the above paragraph. The artificial ones never tend to loss their gloss, shine and looks even they get old. They can be kept for a life time without the inclusion of any medical perfumes. However, the disadvantage of these artificial ones is that they do not possess that lovely natural fragrance like the natural flowers. Among various hair accessories that include flowers to decorate them, flower hair bands are considered to be one of the most popular among its buyers, mostly among the younger ladies. Most of the flower hair bands use flowers that are artificial in nature and as a result the lasting of these are hair bands extends for quite a long period of time. The bands are mostly made up of plastic or wood and the artificial flowers are attached to the bands with strong glue to make it remain attached for as long as it can. Those that are used are mainly of different attractive colours and shapes but the sizes never exceeds to a large one. Hair bands, that comprises of the natural flowers are mostly rare but can be obtained by ordering the ornament shops on an advanced basis. However, glues are mainly avoided to attach the flowers with the bands in the case of natural flowers. Thin flower binding strings are normally used to make the attachment. It is also not difficult to make quality flower hair band at home. The things you will need are: A normal plastic or wooden flower band, glues, attaching strings (in case of natural flowers), and flowers (artificial or natural and should be without stem). Take the hair band and glue a specific portion from the upper side where you want to place the flower. Next, take the flower and put it over the glued area and press a bit to get pasted. If you want more flowers to be attached, then follow the same procedure.
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