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7 Tricks to Shiny Hair

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-06-22
You've probably seen her at some point: the girl who casually saunters past you on a busy street and gets everybody's heads turning. It's not because she's a movie star or because she has movie star looks, and it's not because she is wearing an expensive designer dress, or flamboyant hair accessories. It's the beautiful hair that's so shiny that it almost beckons you to touch it! For some women, hair is their crowning glory. And showing it at its best can do so much to lift up a woman's spirits and boost her confidence. Do you want to know a secret? That lovely head-turner could be you! Here are seven tricks to get some shine into your tresses: On One Condition... Use conditioner every time you wash. Conditioner helps to moisturize your hair and reduce friction so that you get smoother locks and less breakage when you brush. Apply it only from midway to the ends. You can avoid the roots because your scalp already produces natural oils to moisturize itself. Then once a week, do an at-home deep conditioning treatment. Conditioning is one of the most sure-fire ways of getting shiny hair. Better stock up on some pretty hair clips to embellish it with because you'll find yourself wanting to flaunt it soon! That's Cool! At the end of your shower, rinse off with cold water. If you can't take the shivers, blast your hair with cool air after blow-drying. Giving your hair that cold shock will help seal the cuticle so that it lies flat and stays shiny throughout the day. A� Beat the Heat If you heat-style your hair frequently, you are exposing your hair to damage. So make sure that you apply leave-in heat protection first before using a blow-dryer, curling iron, or hair straightener. These protective lotions or sprays can help cut down damage by forming a barrier between your hair and the hot hair tool.A� Don't Rush the Brush When it comes to hair care, not just any brush will do. To really smooth your hair, choose a brush with lots of tightly packed bristles. For fine strands, boar bristles will work great. For medium to thick hair, go for a boar-plastic mix. A� Do You Mist Me? Heavy serums can just end up weighing down your hair and making it look limp and lifeless. It's better to go for a lightweight shine spray instead! It will give you the sparkle and shine that you want without weighing it down. All you need now is a dainty headband a la impeccably fashionable Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl and you're all set! Don't Gloss Over This The next time you visit your favorite salon, consider getting a gloss treatment. It coats your hair in a shine-amplifying glaze that lasts for several weeks. If you're getting a color service, then even better! Get the gloss treatment right after because this is when your hair is extra porous. As such, you get the most benefit and your color lasts longer. A� Color Check As for hair color, most hairstylists agree that ashy or gray shades don't reflect light well. If you're after some brilliance, go for warm tones. Plus, because hair dye swells your hair shaft, it will give the illusion that your hair is lusciously thicker.
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