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6 Fantastic Ideas For Hosting Girls Parties

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-05-31
There are numerous reasons as to why you may be up for the challenge of hosting girl's parties. These reasons may include; birthdays, graduations, accomplishments and other important milestones. However, the greatest part of a party is that there needs be no reason at all for celebration. Listed below we are suggesting a variety of themed party to be considered when hosting girl's parties: A Princess Party- Every girls dreams to be a princess, even if only for a day. Ask your guests to come dressed as their favorite princess parties and be sure to take lots of pictures at your party. A Dress-Up Party- Simply purchase affordable dresses from a local consignment shop and make-up and accessories from a dollar, or party, store or discount super center such as; Walt-Mart, K-Mart or Target. Supply your guests with plenty of mirrors and allow them to do each others hair and make-up. This gets your guests involved and allows for them to have a great time. A Teddy Bear Making Party- Young girls love stuffed animals; therefore, what could be better than making your own and bringing it home with you? Recently, teddy bear making parties have become the hottest trend. Start by offering your guests pre-made teddy bear making kits or by assigning seats complete with the necessary materials. A Pampering Party- Choose a calming location like outdoors by the pool or in the privacy of your own home and offer spa-like services such as; manicures, pedicures, foot massages and bathes, hair washing and styling, mini-facials and face massages. Consider offering your guests light snack options like fresh fruit, appetizers, pastries, baked goods, fruit punch and or sparkling cider. A Sleep-Over Party- This style of party is for those more daring. It is suggested to invite no more five guests for your sleep-over party and to offer them entrainment through the use of music, games and movies. Consider serving the following meal options; pizza or tacos, fresh fruit, ice cream, popcorn, chips, juice and soda. A Pool Party- A pool party is ideal for the spring and summertime. Be sure to inform your guests to bring a towel and swimsuit. Suggested food and drink offerings are as follows,hot dogs, hamburgers, fresh fruit salad, chips, pretzels, lemonade and flavored teas. Another option would be to serve peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, frozen grapes, fresh melon water and Popsicle.
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