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50 s Hairstyle

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-07-31
Bouffant hairstyle was the trademark of the 50 s hairstyle worn by the first lady Jackie Kennedy in that era. Bouffant hairstyle among the 50 s hairstyle involved giving your hair a great deal of height at the top which is achieved by lots of back combing and hairspray. Haircuts till collar bones with outwards curls also quiet in among the 50 s hairstyles. Women would curl their hair with blow dryers and Velcro rollers. Some women would put rollers on the top of their head and would style their crown with an abundance of curls among the 50 s hairstyles. Women who had lots of waves back then would use jewel encrusted pins to style their hair in a becoming manner. In the 50 s hairstyles it was very common for women to do a side partition and tuck the longer side with jewel encrusted bins and clips. Women also did a centre partition of their flicks which fell to their hair in the 50 s hairstyles. The rest of their hair went into a huge bun made as a result of ample amount of back combing and hairspray. This 50 s hairstyle became a pioneer for beehives in the coming decade and women starting wearing this 50 s hairstyle at black tie events and red carpets. Curling your hair with a blow dry brush was the least thing among the 50 s hairstyles. Women had a wavy and glossy hairstyle. A side partition with waves on the side look very becoming on a high cheek boned face at the time. The waves styled with blow dryer were also held back as a half up do at the nape with the rest of the hair falling back on the BAL. The glossy waves on a black or blonde mane looked positively ravishing. Women back then used very good shampoos and conditioners to get the perfect 50 s hairstyles. The curls and waves did a great deal less damage than nowadays owing to the Velcro rollers they used at the time. Proper use of hair products and hair accessories saved them from a great deal of hair damage n hair loss so common nowadays. If you want to wear one of the 50 s hairstyles make sure you hair is naturally wavy in texture. Use a gloss adding serum to make up for any lifelessness in your hair and look like a heart breaker at the upcoming party.
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