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5 Steps to A Fabulous Short Hairstyle

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-05-29
Are you caught in a 'hair' slump, waiting to find that flash of inspiration? Sometimes, all it takes is a new hairstyle. Yup, you read that right: a new hairstyle! When you dare to change things up and open yourself to the new and the unexpected, you give yourself a chance to see things differently, and to change your outlook. And sometimes, a little change in your hairstyle can do big wonders. The fashion radar has been spotting more and more women sporting chic short hairstyles embellished with lovely headbands that are quite vogue these days. Celebrities like Halle Berry, Katie Holmes, Victoria Beckham, Emma Watson, and Carey Mulligan are frequent figures in all best dressed lists and all exude sophisticated, sexy confidence with their fashionable short dos. This shows us that short cuts can be versatile and sassy too. Now, for some women, cutting their hair short is downright unthinkable, especially if they've always had their hair long. But why not take a chance, and breathe new life into those tresses and get shorty! Hairstyle experts agree that going short gives you a strong and confident look that is still very sophisticated and feminine. Of course, if you really don't think a short haircut is for you, don't force yourself into one. But if you have considered going short before and never actually went for it because you have always been afraid, then perhaps now is the perfect time. Brace Yourself First and foremost, mentally prepare yourself that there will be major changes once you go short. Not only will you look very different, your hair care routines and hair accessories will also be different. Depending on the cut, short hair can be very easy to style; some are even pretty much wash-and-wear. But some cuts can take even longer to style than long hair. So if you're going for a short haircut, factor in your lifestyle and how much you are willing to change. Face the Facts Consult your hairstylist: does the cut you want complement the shape of your face? Sometimes, that pixie cut can look so good on one girl but look so bad on you. Your hair stylist should be able to give you advice on what cuts will work well on you. If your heart is really set on a certain style, then ask your hairstylist if there are ways to replicate the cut in a way that will still flatter your face shape. Picture This It is important to communicate with your hairstylist because an inch to her may be completely different to an inch for you. A great way to make sure the two of you are on the same page is by bringing reference photos of the cut you want. Just Do It The bottom line is: just go for it! There is a certain pride that comes with daring to go for a style that you have never tried before. If you have been with your hair stylist for a while, then you know you can trust her to make the cut work for you. And not make you look like a guy. Own It! Once you have it, play around with it, experiment with new styles and just have fun! There are many ways to style hair, even when it's very short. You can go for a girly look and put on a dainty hair clip or go for an edgy look and mousse it then simply slick it back. If you really cannot bring yourself to like your new cut, then ask your hairstylist for tips on how to style it as you grow it out. Most experts suggest using different hair accessories to take the eye away from the cut. Wear a cute hair bow, hair clip or headband and play around with styling it differently.
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