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10 Exquisite Styles of Wedding Veils

by:Duosen Accessory     2020-06-03
Gone are the days when wedding veils were all essentially the same. In today's world, the only option is no longer just the long flowing white veil that trails behind you as you walk down the aisle. Of course, that style of veil (the cathedral or chapel veil) is still available and is as popular as ever. The difference is that it isn't the only option anymore. Today, veils come in all sizes, from flowing fabric that falls all the way to the floor to blusher veils that extend to just below the lips. There is also a vast diversity in styles from plain ivory or white to extraordinarily detailed lace, net, and even colored trim. Here is a glimpse into ten vastly different styles and types of wedding veils. Take some time to consider which one might be right for you on your big day. 1. Bridal Cathedral Length Veil 1 Tier with Pearl Embellishment Alencon Lace Edge This veil is the ultimate in classic glamour but with a few contemporary twists. The fine alencon lace edging is a finely detailed needlepoint that is attached to the sheer net of the veil itself. Shimmering pearls are strewn throughout. 2. Cathedral Veil with Finished Edge Jaws will drop when you enter the ceremony wearing this breathtaking cathedral veil. The look on your husband's face when he sees it for the first time will be one you will never forget. This modern take on a timeless classic measures 108' long by 144' wide. It is available in either white or ivory. 3. Bridal Fingertip Length Veil, 1 Tier with Pearl Embellishment Alencon Lace Edge One of the best features of this veil is its versatility. It can be worn in the usual fashion with the veil tucked underneath your hair and letting the material drape down over your back and shoulders. However, this veil can also be worn over top of you hair. This gives it an effect similar to that of a traditional mantilla. 4. Fingertip Length Two-Tier Veil with Scallop Edge This voluminous veil has two layers, each with a lovely line pattern of flowers. Iridescent sequins are scattered throughout the design to give it just the right amount of sparkle. At 40 inches long it reaches just to the fingertips, long enough to wrap around you and yet still short enough to be practical. 5. Bridal Elbow Two-Tier Veil with Corded Edge The multiple tiers and U-shape of this veil allow you to make your entrance with both the front and back of your head covered. This makes it even more sensational when your husband-to-be flips back the front of this veil. This veil is made of tulle fabric with a satin-corded edge. 6. Bridal Elbow Length Veil, 1 Tier with 1/4'' Ribbon Edge The defining detail of this ethereal veil is the noticeable strip of quarter inch ribbon that runs along the edge. This gives the normally delicate material extra strength as well being a stylistic preference. This lovely veil is available in white, ivory, or ivory and rum. 7. Bridal Short One-Tier Scallop Edge Veil with Crystal Embellishment Despite being a shorter and single-tiered veil, this piece has more depth and volume than you would initially suspect. Clear glass bugle beads scamper across the edge of this veil with high-quality Swarovski crystals. This veil is approximately 22 inches in length. 8. Bridal Short Veil 1 Tier with Scattered Pearls and Rhinestones with Corded Edge Unlike many other veils, this style does not simply leave the embellishments to linger on the edges. It puts them front and center by scattering rhinestones and pearls all throughout the material itself. This adds not only a little extra bedazzlement when viewed in person, but it will especially stand out in your wedding day photographs. 9. Bridal Blusher Veil This single-tiered and U-shaped veil will add a feeling of elegance to any wedding day. The cut edge means there is no trim of any sort, which lets your dress underneath do the legwork for it. This beautiful blusher is surprisingly long at 22 inches. It attaches with a little wire comb and it is available in ivory or white. 10. Bridal Headband with Russian Tulle This blusher is gorgeous, simple, and modern. It is easily adjustable because of the simple headband. Changing the style and look of this versatile veil is as simple as cocking it slightly to one side. This changes the effect from formal and sleek to slightly more modern and hip. It can also be easily flipped around to the back after the ceremony. As you can see there are countless lengths, styles, and materials that can be combined in any number of different ways. Take some time and shop around. Look at and try on as many different veils as possible before deciding on the right combination for you.
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